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The Internet is something that is an integral part of our life. But, we depend on companies and applications, and would like to have the freedom of choice. Therefore, I want to draw your attention to the Koii Network project.

Let’s start in order. Web2

Without going into high-tech terms, in fact, the term “Web 2.0” means the projects and services actively developed and improved by users themselves. And on the one hand — it’s convenient, but on the other hand — the Web2 has a big disadvantage, namely — most of the data on the Internet, including users’ confidential information, is at the mercy of large corporations.
Many people don’t like this state of affairs, so Koii developed its own project.

How does the Koii Network connect Web2 to Web3?

Only a small number of Koii nodes are required to protect the underlying consensus, so the rest of the network can run so-called “Task Nodes”.
These often smaller devices can help retrieve data from other networks (such as storing large files in a database) and read this content into the core network state. Task nodes execute custom consensus games using gradual consensus, which allows a wide range of incentive models and optional levels of decentralization with each.

Blockchain or not?

The Koii technical stack includes the K2 settlement layer and is mainly focused on providing access to a large number of decentralized protocols, and is also designed to provide templates for off-network computation, fast transactions and transfer this data for storage to peer-to-peer networks such as Arweave and Filecoin, while ensuring that the system remains lightweight and scalable.

  • Finnie Identity SDK
    Easily generate keys for major blockchains, and sign and verify signatures from other parties.
  • Koii-X UI Framework
    Quickly deploy UI Components that tie together decentalized storage, NFTs, and crypto payments, and start earning KOII for every view on your app.
  • Task Nodes
    Easily deploy tasks written in JavaScript to any number of Koii Nodes.
  • K2 Settlement Layer
    Near-instant payments will provide a boost to Tasks and storage layer integrations.
    (Coming August 2022.)
  • Decentralized Storage
    Koii is currently compatible mainly with Arweave, but support for other networks is coming soon.

So what is Koii and what does it provide?

Koii is a user-owned network that allows anyone to contribute and profit from that investment. The ecosystem grows and thrives thanks to community members who contribute content, manage nodes, and ultimately provide the ecosystem with computing power and attention.

Koii connects personal devices into a peer-to-peer network designed to reliably perform any task needed. When creating a new task, the author can ensure its authenticity by developing an audit function that allows each node to be audited by other nodes. In the absence of such auditing, the operator can also work with a set of pre-authorized operators that he already trusts.

Koii allows you to create an Internet that belongs to everyone who uses it.

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